Fantasy gardens

21 Feb

As I mentioned yesterday, I always try to start with an idea rather than plants per se, so to that end I come up with various schemes for gardens. One benefit of having relatively few hardy plants is that because I have to lift them for the Winter it gives me liberty to start from scratch each new growing season.

By far the most prominent feature in the back garden is the large raised bed. First season I grew a stand of opium poppies before whipping them out in July and growing Echium pininana ‘Snow Tower’ on into December when they in turn succumbed, not to my hand, but to a sharp frost. The next year I used succulents, in purple and glaucous shades.

Likewise, the front garden and south-facing back border (save a large Photinia fraseri ‘Red Robin’ whose crown I lifted to lend this mundane shrub a more distinctive look) are largely free of clutter. So you see, i’ve plenty of scope for experiments – a good job as i’m easily bored.

Therefore we have in the theoretical pipeline –

-a garden containing nothing but aroids (gloriously weird but expensive, tricky and difficult to give structure and height to)

-a black garden (needs contrast which is difficult to do well)

-a gendered garden (froofy flowers such as peonies, brugmansia and dianthus for the feminine,  beefy cacti and succulents and thrusting aroids for the masculine)


and so forth. But we shall return to these in detail in future posts.


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