27 Mar

Heatwave here (by March standards) of 20C and Spring has definitely arrived. Some plants are unperturbed in their usual routine, others in the greenhouse are reacting strongly. Summary of last few weeks of neglect –

-New raised bed, built, filled and planted up with cacti, succulents, montezuma pine, phormium and helictotrichon. A vision in glaucous and dusky purple.

-So much seed sown! A score of different varieties, mostly successful. Only one total washout and that was the Japanese bitter orange, which as I now know (and should have checked beforehand) needs fresh seed for reliable germination. But all sorts are growing well, especially caesalpinia and solanum laciniatum among the seeds new to me this year. A few seeds needed scarification, something I hadn’t previously tried but has been effective for me.

-The front garden is cleared of limitless hairy bittercress and other weeds, two more aralia elata planted. This year the space will have a more structured, simpler look.

-The shade border reshaped, paths improved and grass seed sown on the excuse for a back lawn.

It goes on.


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