New additions

5 Apr

Pay day comes around and lo and behold more plants have been bought. A trip to the garden centre with the children returns me seeds of banana ensete ventricosum and climber rhodochiton atrosanguineum, along with bits of roots belonging to canna ‘Moonshine’ and evening scented Mirabilis jalapa.

Justification: bananas grow like mad and have enormous leaves. Likewise, climbers don’t tend to be lazy plants. Newly bought cannas seem to grow faster than ones i’ve had for a while. Maybe that’s canna virus for you, or maybe i’m not giving them what they want. Besides, the tubers are too big to pot up without chopping them up into little bits, the flowers come out at the exact point at which the summer ends and they just sit there, wet and miserable, until I refer everything above ground to the compost heap. Mirabilis because I like the idea of evening scented plants. There’s something furtive and debauched about the whole notion of evening scented plants.

Then today the florist on the high street is selling a washingtonia robusta at a good price. I have mixed feelings about palmate leaved palms but I told myself that it isn’t one of a million windblasted suburban trachycarpus. Also, it’s armed with hooked barbs. Spiny and a palm must be worth a go in the scheme of things.


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