The Quinta Arboretum, part two

5 Jun

These last two weren’t labelled. Doubtless a rhododendron and a viburnum, but what exactly I don’t know.

So what relevance does all this have for my own garden? The bamboo-leaved oak quercus myrsinifolia that I had been admiring on nursery websites is not quite what I expected. I was surprised to find loquat and eucalyptus perriniana fully hardy here. Most promising for the garden was the Japanese umbrella pine sciadopitys verticillata with its long, fat needles. It doesn’t mind heavy soil or a little shade, which would make it a useful evergreen for me. Strange to think that I might find more and more appeal in conifers of all things. The more conservative the medium, the easier it is to be outrageous, I suppose.


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    […] or Spinning Gum, which has been on my list since I saw it growing out in the open, unprotected, at Swettenham earlier this year. I was surprised to find it hardy round these parts. E. gunnii are ten a penny round here, but not […]

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