The back garden

19 Jun

Here are a few images of the rest of the back garden, excluding the bits I posted about over the last few days.

Solanum laciniatum, the Kangaroo Apple. This has been very easy from seed. Germination was uniform, only taking a few days. The leaves have a lovely, lax habit. It has been swift to flower too. It’s a tender shrub or small tree, and although they might grow back from the roots next year, I think it’s much more likely that i’ll simply buy more seed instead and grow them as annuals.

Rhododendron sinogrande. The largest leaved of all rhododendrons, I thought this was looking poorly this spring but it has branched out for me. It has taken -15C back when it was planted next to the house wall and with the protection of a cloche. Hopefully we won’t have any more such winters for a few years yet.

What do we have here? Dahlia ‘David Howard’, Colocasia, Cotinus, a rogue raspberry sucker or two, Tetrapanax, Ricinus ‘New Zealand Purple’ and bamboo Phyllostachys vivax ‘Aureocaulis’. Plenty of sun in this spot, nestled in behind the Desert bed. Once the bamboo has fleshed out a bit there will be a lot less room here for the other bits, which are mainly summer only residents.

Besides those few images, there’s not a great deal else to show unless we venture inside the greenhouse . . .
Free tetrapanax. Not altogether healthy maybe, but it was FREE! No idea what the problem is. Aphids maybe? A fungal problem? I’ve fed it and bug sprayed it, we’ll see what happens.

Mystery aloe, again from Inglefield Plants. Handsome fella.

Babies! Each from seed this year. Leucadendron argenteum, the Silver Tree. Germination took a while, but they all came up together. I went to the trouble of sterilising the soil as they are very temperamental, apparently. I can’t feed them the usual feed either, it rots the roots so i’m told.

Caesalpinia gilliesii, the Bird of Paradise flower. These have been straightforward, though like the Silver Tree, i’m not so sure how they are going to like being cooped up all winter. There’s no way i’m planting them out this year so we will have to find out one way or the other.

Another couple of freebies: spikemoss and another mystery aloe, though it looks like Aloe ferox from my limited knowledge. It’s only a cutting shoved into the pot with the spikemoss. Strange bedfellows but shan’t move the aloe before it needs to have its dry winter spell, just so it has the chance to grow some roots.

And the final purchase from Inglefield Plants, this, which was labelled Agave parryi. To me it didn’t have quite the same form as Parry’s agave but I put doubt to one side, telling myself that this is a very young plant and it will probably change shape soon enough. Feel free to tell me if I am deluded.

At least the melty bits are a good colour match for the slate mulch eh?


2 Responses to “The back garden”

  1. lutrinae June 25, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    So well-disguised it’s almost like it’s doing it on purpose…
    I love the bird of paradise flower!
    By the way the lily you gave me have grown up good & tall, and as long as a mysterious red bug doesn’t eat them all, I’m really looking forward to them flowering.

    • thechthonianlife June 26, 2012 at 6:37 am #

      Ah well, it’s in the bin now. I couldn’t compost the leaves, not with those spines on the end of them.

      That’ll be the lily beetle. I have them too. Crush them before they eat the leaves and slaver brown-black goo over the remains. I’m so glad the lilies are vigorous for you too.

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