Who’d have thought it possible?

22 Jul

Despite all the rain, one of my opuntias has produced a flower. I was so pleased to see this open. We’re in the middle of a few days of dry, warm weather at the moment and i’m able to enjoy the garden more, instead of picking tiny slugs off their weird choices of plants to eat. Slugs like aloes and prickly pears, apparently. They like them more than they like hostas. And they REALLY like to eat brugmansia. It’s a shame slugs have a different metabolism to humans, otherwise they’d eat a bit of brugmansia, have an appallingly bad trip and then die. On the other hand, if they did share our metabolism, they would go for edibles like mad. No great loss to me, as I hardly grow anything for food. So here is the opuntia –
Some more photographs taken yesterday and today –


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