Keep the heat coming!

25 Jul

Arundo donax ‘Versicolor’ is really going for it at the moment, with three or four fresh stems coming up. I might have to split it to fit it in a pot this winter. The brugmansia, always my favourite, are throwing out plenty of flowers at the moment. At the last count I had nine plants, all the ‘Maya’ variety. The only two that aren’t flowering are in deeper shade than the others. One flowerer is so small that the trumpets will be almost touching the ground when they are fully out.
Another plant on its way to flowering is this unnamed Zantedeschia I picked up from a florist’s stall in the high street some three years ago. I like black plants and aroids, so it’s a winner. It’s taken some abuse, this plant, and hasn’t shown signs of flowering since I bought it. Until now that is –
Close up of it in the ‘miscellaneous’ corner, a bit of a problem area for me. I would like a tree planted here. There’s a styrax obassia in there somewhere, though I think it has died on me. Not the sunniest part of the garden, I may put my magnolia grandiflora ‘Galissoniere’ in there once it is a good deal larger and therefore able to compete for the sunlight it will need. Two more years, maybe. Anyway, here’s the photo –
My seed-grown silver trees (leucadendron argenteum) were looking peaky in the greenhouse so I brought them out for summer sun, more even temperatures and a cooling breeze –
Finally for today, i’ve succeeded in growing something in the trough in front of the garage. A passion vine I previously bought died in here, but this one absolutely loves it in there. A common plant, but a wonder nonetheless.


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