High Summer

6 Aug

. . .except it isn’t. I’ve been away, camping in the Lakeland fells. This is where I slept, in my gore-tex body bag, and I swam in the tarn pictured. I left the place as I found it, completely deserted. Not bad for the lakes in the summer holidays. It is lovely to have the opportunity to get away for a day or two. It’s not an interest i’ve suddenly developed since having children, by the way.


Back to the garden and the brugmansia flowers have passed over. It wasn’t quite as good a show as last year, but still wonderful. The amorphophallus konjac I mentioned in the post before last is pushing a creepy leaf out –
The heliotrope is finally flowering. The famous fragrance is fabulous and makes me want to cram the whole plant in my mouth: it smells like delicious sweet food. “Cherry pie” indeed. Trouble is, I can only smell it if I put my nose right up to it.
Borage is a welcome self-seeder –
This bromeliad is one I grew from seed obtained from Chiltern Seeds, sold as a mystery species. It was a fresh green colour a few weeks ago. I hope this doesn’t mean that the Great British Summer is killing it. Still, bromeliads as a whole die such beautiful deaths.
This ensete is doing it’s usual thing, more fuschias are out and the catalpa is still flushing purple. It’s almost enough to make one forget about the brick wall. Almost but not quite.
Directly to the left of that part is one corner I haven’t posted any photos of up to now. It’s a mix-up of outcasts, juveniles and nearly-men. The Persian silk tree at the back, half a dozen seed-grown echium pininana next to it, a few hedychium forrestii in front of them and all sorts malingering round and about them.
The lilium henryi are opening despite the best efforts of masses of slugs supported by lily beetles. These bastards’ Plan A is to eat them as they come out of the ground, a bit like an all-you-can-eat salad bar. Plan B is to simply fell them, no mean feat for a tiny creature. That’s like me chewing half way through an oak tree. –

Various other shots I took yesterday-


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