Raised beds – final edition

18 Sep

Well. There’s no shelter constructed as yet and rain is forecast for every day this week so i’ve started to take the raised beds apart. The big agaves were first to retire to the greenhouse, quickly followed by the smaller ones and some of the cacti. One or two of them are showing signs of being too wet, so notions of hardy desert plants will have to be discarded for now. I need more aggregate (blue slate?) and to construct that rain shelter.

The larger bed – The Field, as called by my eldest – is looking pretty good. The Melianthus have been such a success.  The Astelia has nice big roots coming out of the bottom of the pot once again, so i’ll pot it on again into some rich stuff while there’s still a bit of warmth left in the year. The Arbutus unedo will get at least one more Winter in there before I toss it away and replace with the Pinus montezumae I have growing on. When to do this is a big dilemma of mine, as I rescued it from a shady, heavy clay grave in the front garden. One whole side of it, facing the hedge,  had died back. So had the top two feet of growth. Using a wheelbarrow and planks, I managed to heft it up into The Field. Trying to leave as much root on it as possible made it about as heavy an object as I could have lifted. That was nearly two years ago and it has since started to flourish, so as you can imagine, I am a bit attached to it.

And the back, which is a bit of a dumping ground because the arbutus obscures the view –

The smaller raised bed, the Desert, has become another dumping ground for convalescents and juveniles. Must get some staging built to house them. That’s another job. That aside, lotus berthelotii has gone mad, see for yourself –


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