Garden in a bottle

6 Dec

This looked interesting. The list of ingredients includes datura and queen of the night (epiphyllum), both beautiful fragrances. Plus the goth in me takes interest in it having atropa belladonna, opium poppy and hemlock – although I had the impression that hemlock stank. I found that we sell it in the perfumery department at the department store I work in, and in truth, I found it a pleasant, but fairly ordinary evening scent.

Davana is listed as an ingredient. I hadn’t heard of it. Looking it up, I found it to be a tender species of artemisia, a. pallens. It looks like it could easily be grown as an annual here in my garden. I’m always on the look-out for unusual, exotic scents for the garden, but can I find seeds available online? No.

I will carry on wearing tuberose absolute, diluted in jojoba oil. Marlene Dietrich: “The only time I sleep with closed windows is when I have tuberoses in the room.”


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