Eucalyptus perriniana

11 Dec

Last year, our local garden centre here burnt to the ground. They’ve recently reopened in a new building and seem to be carrying on in the same vein, stocking the odd unusual thing in amongst the usual suspects. One such is eucalyptus perriniana, or Spinning Gum, which has been on my list since I saw it growing out in the open, unprotected, at Swettenham earlier this year. I was surprised to find it hardy round these parts. E. gunnii are ten a penny round here, but not E. perriniana. I don’t think i’ve ever seen one in a private garden.

The specimen I bought has just the juvenile leaves, which are charming, and very unlikely looking things –011
Let’s see that again, up close –012
Leaving aside the odd way it is constructed, its other attractions for me are that it is glaucous, evergreen, big, fast-growing and responds well to severe pruning. Lastly, as you can perhaps see from the above link, the mature foliage is also attractive in its own way, with a lovely pink blush to complement the blue colouration. The only thing i’ll perhaps have to keep an eye on is pruning. Eucalypts exhibit strong apical dominance: they go straight and up. To have a nice multi-stemmed shrub i’ll prune hard but careful, once it’s established. Most of the eucalypts i’ve seen look awful once pruned.


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