Flowering succulents

20 Mar

I’ve had a couple of surprises in the last week. First I was idling in the greenhouse and I spotted that one of my no ID aloes is putting out a bloom spike! Who’d have thought it? Gardening with succulents isn’t the easiest task around these parts, but now and then I get these rewards that make the whole thing seem easy.

Plus, I had it in my mind that although aloes are usually winter flowerers, winter in South Africa, where they are endemic, more closely resembles the summers here than the winters, if you get my drift. But no, it can’t be as cold and inhospitable in my greenhouse as I thought. Here it is, maybe I can get an ID on this plant once it is in flower. In the meantime, if any of you readers out there has an idea what it might be, please share.20130319_163416
The second pleasant surprise came when I was in the loft watering the succulents up there. I’ve installed heating cable under them so they need a drink, twice weekly at least. The colours are jewel-like.20130319_164358
It isn’t really visible in that photo, but Sedum nussbaumerianum is about to flower. So that was my second fillip.

Merry, er, Spring equinox. Or is that on Sunday? No matter, things are getting moving at last.


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