30 Jan

If all goes to plan, I will be back at the old garden (there’s a house too of course) in six weeks time, just me and the cat. Long story.

So obviously i’ve been feverishly thinking up plans. Whenever anyone else round here alters their front garden, they invariably pave it to park more cars on. Maybe I will get rid of the drive altogether then, use the space to garden and just have a path leading up to the front door. When I get a car I can always park it on the road.

The space by the side of the house is also tarmaced over. I could get rid of that. It faces north so I would plant a shade garden up with evergreens in a Japanese sort of style.

The remaining lawn at the back will go, that’s for sure. It receives lots of sunshine so would be an ideal home for the sixty-odd agaves I grew from seed (so easy!).

I could try again with plants in the conservatory. This is what I call the “beauty and the beast” plan, getting hold of a Jasminum sambac and an Aristolochia macrophylla from this rather wonderful nursery

Then there’s the ongoing effort to hide the neighbour’s brick wall at the end of the back garden. I have a Kilmarnock willow there, one of very few remnants from the early days before I got a handle on how I wanted to garden. I’ve had my reasons for keeping it so far, though none of them have anything to do with what it looks like. I am sorely tempted to rip it out and replace it with Borinda papyrifera, a hardy (well pretty hardy here, but it’s always a relative term eh?) clumping bamboo with tremendously exciting ice-blue culms. It would also be tall, evergreen and leafy enough to block a lot of the wall out.


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