Next project

17 Feb

The rest of the lawn is being transformed into three new planting beds. I’m using colour to decide what to put there, mixing very dark foliage plants with glaucous foliage plants. It’s worked well for me so far. The corners are all going to be right angles. It feels less fussy that way. The paths I will cover with gravel. The beds are to be separated from the paths with lengths of timber, which will be painted black.

So far I have dug out shallow trenches to sit the timber in, bought the timber and cut it to length. It’s now drying out in the garage before I paint it.

It’s rained an awful lot this winter, and what with not having cut the grass since the mower broke last spring, the rain, the digging and the boys rolling around in the mud and having mud fights, it’s a filthy quagmire out there.
Hunting for worms-


Timber drying under cover-


On the subject of weather, that Aeonium is still hanging on in there-


It’s the wettest winter in 250 years, so it said on the radio. Never mind. All the storms are keeping the frost away.


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