Back Garden Update

24 Aug

The camera seems to be a little better at the moment. Not so fuzzy as it was. So here are some images I took this morning.

It’s a little bit chaotic out there, I have to say. I’m hooked on collecting massive plants, which is great except that focal points get a bit lost. But first, there’s this vignette, which is pretty orderly


Here’s another view of this bed, one I created this year. It was meant to be made up of waifs and strays, but it makes more sense that the others nonetheless, maybe because there aren’t a number of enormous plants competing for attention


Here’s another new bed. Most things in it are pretty low to the ground, and there’s a colour scheme to most of it. Phlebodium aureum ‘Blue Star’ is getting a bit wild and woolly, I should probably try dividing it when I dig it up. Hardly anything in this bed is hardy. Come winter I will most likely have to put some of yesterday’s purchases in there, seeing as 8 of the 9 plants I bought prefer to be in full sun. Again, I am going to end up with a bed of monster plants: Ginkgo biloba isn’t exactly small once it gets going, but at least it should stay relatively erect at first; a plus, seeing as this bed is only three feet wide.


Next, the large raised bed, which makes little sense. Everything in it is admirable in itself, just not together. Maybe I should bite the bullet, pull Lilium henryi out and put the bulbs in the front garden.




The smaller, covered raised bed, aka the Desert, is behaving itself. Maybe the plants would grow a little faster with more water in summer and less impoverished soil, but they definitely won’t be rotted by a cool, wet summer like in 2012, when Aloe striatula rotted off, and that’s the main thing


Behind the desert I have all sorts, including Hedychium ‘Tara’ which is in flower at the moment


Next up is the back left corner, again rammed with plants, not least because a Solanum laciniatum, which was already big last summer, unexpectedly made it through the winter and is even bigger now, so much so that I have had to chop a couple of large limbs off it to give the tetrapanax and gingers more light


The last spot i’ll show is in the jungle, deep in the shade of Pseudosasa japonica, where Blechnum chilense has been taking off these last few years. There’s a path in there somewhere, I can just about get through it after yesterday’s clearances

So, all this makes me wonder if I have a style. For sure, I have a way of gardening, but is it a style? Or just habits? Answers on a postcard.


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