Solanum Laciniatum

10 Sep

It’s a pity the fruit on this plant isn’t edible, because it looks delicious. I did try a tiny sliver of it once, having read mixed reports of it’s toxicity. It gave me a slight stomachache, though it tasted ok.

It is farmed for use in the manufacture of contraceptive pills.

The young stems are perfectly smooth and black, the foliage gracefully lax and of an even, deep green. It seems to become more lanceolate as the plant matures. It flowers freely, lilac blooms with bright yellow anthers. And the fruit! Garlands of queen olive-sized, spotlessly smooth, starting green, striped with a linea nigra as if to denote fecundity, ripening yellow then orange, at which point the fruit splits and falls to the ground. Finally, it’s a strong grower. It’s had a lot of pruning to keep it from getting in the way of the paths.







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