Social life

2 Nov

A week tomorrow my local branch of the British Cactus and Succulent Society meets up.

The branch area seems to cover a good deal of east Cheshire. I’ve never been along to one of their meetings, although I picked up my agave guadalajara from a stall of theirs at Wilmslow fair a few years ago. This month I really should give it a try: usually they meet at my local library, but this time they are at the local parish hall at the end of my road, so i’d be very lazy not to attend.

Recently, most of my spare cash has been spent on repairs and upgrades to my pushbike (i don’t drive, so it’s how I get around). What with buying a saddle, handlebars, grips, chain, cassette, chainrings, shoes, clipless pedals, rear derailleur, tools and I forget what else, it’s cost me more than my work colleague’s MOT. Jesus. But I dare say I can manage to swap a succulent or two with like minded maniacs, sorry, I mean gardeners. Another thing i’m curious to find out is whether society members are solely into having neat rows of mammilaria etc flower in the conservatory, or whether they actually garden with this stuff, taking risks with hardiness and so on and so forth. A mix of both, probably, but I intend to find out.

Obviously the other thing going on is me shoehorning the garden into a small greenhouse. The usual cliches apply: not enough room, why did I decide I needed to keep all twenty colocasia, all sixty agave seedlings, how high can the brugmansia be before I have to wield the secateurs, all the plants appear much larger in pots. It’s all very exciting and of course it gets me thinking about what to create next spring. The privet and hawthorn hedge at the front of the front garden is going to have to go, and a new plan formulated for the front garden as a whole; it’s all very well planting four aralia elata symmetrically, but all sense of formality has gone out of the window now the tallest is endangering the overhead phone lines. They look shamelessly inappropriate. Besides, this year they grew branches. Not many, but enough to make it much harder to kid myself that I have a quartet of fishtail palms out front. I can’t be having that now, can I?

I do love it when things get out of hand.


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