Garden Update

30 Sep

I’ve moved out of the old house. . . again!

All’s well: my brother and sister-in-law have bought it. Meanwhile, my girlfriend and I are renting a place a few miles away until we find something more permanent in the spring. Priorities for the next place are
1) Near enough to my children, our friends and our workplaces
2) Has a bigger garden

Because you know, i’ve ambitions for gardening. It’s my creative outlet. My brother is under orders not to disturb the garden until I have another garden to move the plants, compost heap and greenhouse to. The only thing that’s had to be altered is a tetrapanax that was taking over the drive. It’s been cut back a bit so they can park their car. I don’t know, tetrapanax vs car, the former wins every time if you ask me, but seeing as it isn’t my house, it’s the least I can do to chop it back.

I’ve been dropping in to keep things ticking over and to start to pack away for winter. As ever, late summer is a lesson in what grows too big for its place and what suffers in the shade. No further comment, just some photos, for the record.










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