Belgium, part two

1 Oct

On a more down to earth note than the previous post, here are some photos of the place we stayed, what we drank and the bars we drank in.

We stayed in Brussels and spent all our time there, bar a day in Bruges. The B&B:



Next, BEER! The stuff I was after can mostly be found in and around where I live, but I was looking for a wider range of a certain kinds of beer than I can easily find at home. There’s lambic, which is a sour beer fermented with wild yeast (i.e. the only yeast used is whatever falls out of the air into the open-topped brewing vessel). Oude Gueuze is a beer made from new lambic mixed with older lambics, matured in oak casks for eighteen months or so before a final fermentation in the bottle, which gives it a lot of fizz. Some call it Belgian Champagne for that reason. As often as not, cherry juice is added to Gueuze, in which case it’s known as Kriek. Finally, i’d have liked to try some different quadrupel beers, which are dark, strong beers.





Keep up, we’re off to Halve Maan brewery in Bruges for a Straffe Hendrik. Careful now, it’s too delicious to notice the 11% alcohol content . .



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