First moves

26 May

The first thing needed, when taking any garden in hand, is to remove the gnomes. I had a concrete policeman to deal with. He went without a fight. Likewise the plastic mermaid holding a birdbath, even if she were bolted to something heavy. The concrete man and dog in a pub setting struck a more truculent attitude. It had been cemented to a paving slab. Dozens of hammer blows rained down, and yet he was not being reduced. For light relief, I used my hammer to tee his pint off the bar as if it were a golf ball. It went flying, narrowly missing the greenhouse.

Next up, the fastigiate conifers presented an easy target. I have no idea what genus they belong to, I only know that they would have been a lazy purchase twenty years ago, when I presume they were bought. This is what they used to look like, peeking out from behind the conservatory-20160215_140323

The largest ash tree came down on Monday. My calculations were correct: it didn’t land on the house-20160523_154034

Today I made a start on the greenhouse, clearing away the firewood that was stacked inside it, throwing away the plastic pots piled inside, cutting back the brambles, pulling the moss away from the joins between the glass panes and pulling off as much brown parcel tape as I could. It cuts a sorry sight. Much soil has accumulated around the sides. It’s inches deep in places. It was loved once, judging from the improvised staging and the half open bag of compost. That must have been a while ago, as the bag was so perished that it split open the second I handled it.

In time, I shall take it apart, give it a good clean and replace the broken panes. For the time being, it looks a little neater than it did.20160526_141853

There’s a lot of concrete and cement pavers in this garden. They’ll have to go, as it’s all haphazardly placed and of poor quality. What’s more, tree roots have unsettled quite a few of the pavers. Perhaps some of them I can re-use for the paths i’ll need.

The tree surgery has had to come to a halt until I can get a ladder. This was a birch tree-20160526_104511

-but I don’t feel secure waving an axe around one handed, holding on to a branch fifteen feet in the air. The remaining boughs are too thick to use my saw on, so I shall wait for a ladder.

Oh, and i’ve ordered some plants for delivery! Also, the big plant move from the old garden is scheduled for this coming Tuesday. Watch this space.


3 Responses to “First moves”

  1. danger garden May 27, 2016 at 6:22 am #

    So your keeping the greenhouse then? Yay!

    • thechthonianlife May 27, 2016 at 9:48 am #

      Yes, the door is missing but the old man who had it before cared for it while he was able, so I would like to carry on the good work.

      Good to hear from you Loree! Just yesterday I was looking to see if Lotus Jacobaeus – a recommend of yours – is available over here.

  2. Peter/Outlaw May 30, 2016 at 6:08 am #

    You’ve wasted no time in getting going and have got quite a bit done already!

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