Cactus Delivery

29 May

Two things i’ve been on the hunt for are fast growing columnar-type cacti and hardy Opuntia. Researching the former, I found that a handful of these are hardier than the average and might therefore make good garden subjects. I’ve gone for Stetsonia coryne and Trichocereus terscheckii. The latter, since I found out that these grow perfectly happily in the wild in Canada, seem a foolproof choice for a desert bed.  Today these arrived from Abbey Brook Cactus Nursery in Derbyshire. They were a pleasure to deal with, and the first plant delivery to the new garden. The owner recommended Opuntia humifusa and a selection of Opuntia he’d picked up himself in Utah, some thirty years ago. He seemed very knowledgeable, so I wonder why he doesn’t have a specific name for this cactus. You’d think somebody would have suggested an ID to him by now. They arrived bare root, wrapped up in newspaper. They’re potted up but not watered in. That seems to be the best advice.20160528_14453620160528_14450520160528_14454620160528_144435

Quite pleased with those. They can all go outside once they’ve bulked up. In an ideal world, they’d be bluer in colour, but you can’t have everything.


Speaking of colour, much as I have a thing for glaucous plants, i’m told i’m unusually fond of green as a colour in the house. Stripping back the wallpaper today uncovered what is perhaps called “arsenic green” paint, although I am perhaps wrong. It’s such a wonder to me, the way fashions change – and yet there is always fashion. Seems to me to be an exercise in suspending disbelief. Good to think that life might be literally an in-credible story, if you see what I mean. Here is the nowadays offensive arsenic green paint:20160528_184841And here is the colour the door used to be painted. It has aged worse than the paint on the walls. In honour of its offensiveness to many, and its redolence of bodily ill-humour, I hearby christen this colour “Alf Garnett’s Chlorosis”:20160528_184854After all that, we had a fire. Twas cosy.20160528_214439


One Response to “Cactus Delivery”

  1. Peter/Outlaw May 30, 2016 at 6:21 am #

    Hooray for your first plant delivery. One never knows what he’ll find in the layers beneath. Love your new color name!

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