The Yard

9 Jun

Inbetween moving from the old house and garden in Wilmslow and not yet moving into the new place, we’ve been living in a rented mid-terrace in Stockport with a small, flagged back yard. I’ve done a little bit of collecting whilst i’ve been here, just to keep my hand in.


This trio are amorphophallus konjac, and arisaemas costatum and speciosum.



Just delivered this morning from Keith at Greenkoos, costus barbatus otherwise known as spiral ginger, and below a small cutting of brugmansia x “tropical fantasy”, which should eventually have double or triple blooms.


Besides that new stuff, I brought a couple of things over from the old house. One of the cardiocrinum giganteums is about to flower


Canna “Stuttgart” is making an effort


Finally, there’s a strawberry planter which is mostly filled with cuttings of succulents and either recycled (people tend to throw them out when they’ve finished flowering) or seed grown bromeliads. The seed didn’t have an ID. My best guess is that they (the largest ones) belong to the genus bromelia. If that’s correct, then we’re going to need a bigger pot, to borrow a line from Jaws. It’s teeth would give Jaws a run for his money.



One Response to “The Yard”

  1. Peter/Outlaw June 17, 2016 at 3:06 pm #

    Cool plants! You’ll have so much fun finding space for them at your new place!

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