23 Dec

Every three months, the British Cacti and Succulent Society magazine lands on my doormat. Unfortunately, I have to admit to it having become a bit of a joke in our house, for my perception of it as somewhat dry in its treatment of what is an exciting group of plants. This quarter, there’s an editorial on the subject! The author writes that the BCSS is always being told that cacti are a fashionable element in home decor nowadays. I’m glad that established BCSS members have noticed, although I have my doubts as to whether they are up to capitalising on the imagination these plants can unleash. Some will say this is unfair and perhaps it is. I can only go off my own personal experience, which is of a disdain for the challenge of growing cacti and succulents outdoors in the UK, even for those of obvious hardiness, preferring “perfect” specimens grown for the showbench in pots, devoid of any kind of setting, be it home or garden.

The title of the post refers to the front cover though. Cactus World? More like Choad World 


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