Compost heap in greenhouse.

11 Jan

Today was spent at the new place, clearing up. There were several wooden pallets which I have transformed into a container in which to keep leaf mould. There aren’t many dead leaves around at the moment though, so it is doubling up as a bin store for the time being.

There are a fair few joists and long lengths of 3×2 timbers knocking around too. They will contain a compost heap once i’ve finished sawing them to length and nailing them together. 

The idea i’ve had is to assemble it inside the old greenhouse. It’ll keep the greenhouse warm over winter and I can still place pots on the heap, seeing as it’ll be contained in 2″ thick timber. I could place boards on top of the frame so as to allow for storage. The other consideration is that neither compost bin nor greenhouse are attractive. Why not hide one inside the other? 

Have I gone a bit mad?


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