Lights, seeds . . . and cat 

29 Jan

All the seeds I ordered have arrived now and Mark the builder has lent me some growlights he wasn’t using. On collecting them from his allotment, I had a look around. It’s quite a set up. He has chickens, ducks and quail there, besides vegetable plots and a few sheds for growing things. I poached some of his chickens’ eggs in a curry sauce and had the rest in a Yorkshire pudding just now. Very nice they were too. 

The lights though, the LED panel is set up in the cellar keeping the waifs and strays ticking over, while the incandescent bulb is spreading some warmth over the strawberry planter.

The bulb has attracted Ernie the cat. 

His introduction into our lives is a long story. Essentially what happened is that we took pity on him thinking he was the street’s spare cat. He begs, is friendly and looks a bit mangy. However, a near neighbour had been feeding him before we turned up and named him Ernie. Then the plot thickened further when we took him to the vet (losing fur, claw torn out and bleeding, suppurating wound on chin) and found that he has an older owner who had him microchipped. I can’t say I have full confidence in Ernie’s other owners, but there isn’t anything Anna and I can do in the circumstances. We stopped feeding him the other day as we will be moving out of this rented house in six weeks time and we don’t want to have him yowling at whoever has this house next. He is well fed: that’s one problem he doesn’t have.

Once i’ve got my hands on the rest of the things I need to grow the seeds, i’ll be away. 

Shame Ernie doesn’t get to come away too.


2 Responses to “Lights, seeds . . . and cat ”

  1. Peter/Outlaw January 30, 2017 at 4:28 am #

    I’d be tempted to take Ernie when you move.

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