Old seeds

2 Jun

When moving house, everything gets turned upside down. One finds unexpected things in the process. Things like this box, which i’d used to stow away spare seed in.

Look closely and you’ll see the legend “this package contains seeds that require immediate attention.” Hopefully I did that at the time, rather than six years down the line, i.e. now. They weren’t all from Chiltern Seeds. Some were cast offs from other people and some i’d collected myself, such as cerinthe, nicotiana and cobaea. It’s taken me a few hours to cast them about. There’s cerinthe, schizopetalon, two varieties of night-scented stocks, calendula, eucalyptus and caesalpinia sown in various spots in or out of the greenhouse. 

Cardoon, artichoke, clianthus, acacia and gleditsia got the hot water treatment yesterday. The last three have already swollen and sprouted inside of twenty-four hours. The lot are sown in pots in the greenhouse. I didn’t have an opportunity to use a sterilised growing medium so I mixed a little alpine grit with the crumbliest garden soil I could muster. Let’s hope they don’t damp off en masse.


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