History in the making

9 Jun

At risk of this becoming a politics blog . . . 

This country is in it’s current state because of the Tories’ own selfish self-interest, but that’s a damn sight better than this country being what I thought it was two days ago, which was a miserable, self-hating, cap-doffing wretch.

The open sewer that is our press portrayed Jeremy Corbyn not as the mild-mannered social democrat that he is, but as a frothing communist whose leadership of the Labour party was held to be a re-enactment of the Jonestown Massacre, in sitcom format. 

And he got nearly thirteen million votes from people who preferred his fair minded views to the crabbed and crooked misery of the Conservative party. 

The last seat to declare, Kensington, just went Labour. KENSINGTON ffs


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