Local goodness

10 Jun

Anna (my partner in crime) spotted that there was a weekend of open gardens in Burnage and Levenshulme, areas of South Manchester just adjacent to us. We missed them because of my work and our colossal hangovers. But something good did come of it. Tickets were available from a local garden centre called Bud, which I was always going to visit sooner or later, it being just a short distance away. 

It wasn’t disappointing. The owner is very much engaged in what’s on around and about and the place has the appearance of being a labour of love. She gave me several tips for local exotic gardening connections and asked if I grew commercially, perhaps as space for horticulture is at a premium in our city. 

I left a few things behind but came away happy with the following haul

Rubus lineatus, look at those pleated leaves up close

Darmera peltata, grown locally by someone who also supplies hostas (and I suspect also supplied the Arisarum proboiseideum I left there)

A Helleborus foetidus of a size handy for transport in bike panniers

Acca sellowiana with those nice silver undersides to the leaves, which will place it in the blue garden.

The most encouraging thing about Bud is the encouragement the place gives to try something new. Being in the inner city, it’s run with a bit of imagination and creative relish, rather than being beholden to hidebound hordes from the stolid suburbs. It makes perfect sense and is a refreshing change to visit. There was a pop-up cafe and craft beer stall there last night which Anna and I could have gone along too, but I was feeling rather lazy. I’ll be along again soon, that’s for sure. 

Besides which, this morning I was able to pot up seven sprouting Calamus rudentum seeds with the assistance of a little compost the owner kindly agreed to give me for free. It all helps. 


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