Success stories

13 Jul

Quite a few bits and bobs are coming on nicely. So, here’s a post about them, the success stories. 

The children and I have a little project going on. We’re growing trees from fruit seeds which would otherwise have ended up in the bin with the rest of the food waste and scraps. My youngest, Reuben, thinks it’s slightly silly to be growing trees inside our house. Mango:


The Arabian jasmine I bought produced its first flower today. It’s also the first flower of any of the scented plants I plan to fill the hall with.

The next to flower in the atrium, or so I hope, is Hedychium coronarium. It’s looking pretty chunky and i’ve started it on the tomato feed, so here’s hoping.

Delonix regia, the famed Flamboyant of the tropics! It is very early days, but this seems to have a decent growth rate. Nor has it minded being moved from the propagation spot, way up high on top of the bathroom, to the greenhouse.

Caesalpinia gilliesii is leading a very happy life in the greenhouse, having been defoliated over winter by slight frosts.

This Agave has filled out very well indeed. Does anybody recognise the bright green centres to the dark green leaves as belonging to a particular species? In other words, can anybody ID it for me? It was from a batch of mixed seed. (A. lophantha maybe?)

Wham! That red! The ladybird and opium poppies set Agave ovatifolia off nicely, and Aloe striatula has been hugely cooperative now it’s had a chance to stretch its roots.

The jungly bit of the garden has escaped the worst of the chlorosis which has blighted a great many of the trees i’ve planted. More on that some other time.


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