Summer Drizzle

It’s been a fortnight since I last posted. The weather hasn’t been the best. We had a couple of hot days, including one at 31c which was the hottest so far this year. Mostly it’s been quite cool and wet though. There’s a light drizzle out there at the moment and it’s 19c, but at least the light’s flat and good for photography.

That in mind, here are a few images. The starved agave I bought last month from a local garden centre seems to like me. It looks like Agave potatorum to me

Here’s a large A. americana that I tried to sell via my pal Darren, I tire of forcing it through the greenhouse doorway come winter every year when there are hardier types that i’m pursuing. Someone suggested that it’s A. salmiana var. ferox but it can’t be. Does have a nice form though:

The albizia relative Paraserianthes lophantha has gone bonkers. It’s very elegant.

My favourite seed grown agave isn’t as chunky and squat as it was. Identifying these things is hard, they change their growth form as they grow up!

I received a copy of Greg Starr’s book on agaves for my birthday. It’s a treat and useful too in helping with identification. I still say this is A. lophantha though:

It looks a little odd, what with the oldest leaves being so much longer than the rest. I put that down to it growing out some severe damage it had last winter, despite being in the greenhouse. It’s quite a tender type.

Moving on from agaves:

I had an illicium flower, that was a first for me. Illicium aff. griffithii. Very fleeting and difficult to photograph though. Here’s the closest thing to a decent photo, as the blooms fall apart as soon as they open:

The first ginger to flower will be Hedychium gardenerianum this year, which was unexpected. It’s usually H. forrestii and much later than this:

The greenhouse is filling up, an onerous situation in early August!

Nine rattan ‘palmlets’. Calamus longisetus:

I’m propagating much more than i’m buying, which is as it should be. Hence the full greenhouse in high summer, oh and also because it’s too cool outside to expect climbing palms to grow in it!

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