Mutant pineapple goes wild

Yesterday I spent several hours digging up the smaller of the two Puya berteroniana from its planting place in the ground in the big greenhouse. Never again!

Those hooks broke off in my scalp, fingers, ear and leg too, despite butchering the leaves so I could get around it

Ending up with a mutant pineapple in a pot

And all to clear another four square feet of room in the greenhouse. It’s bigger brother is staying where it is until it flowers. Which should be next year, or the one after that.

The more it attacks me the fonder I feel for it. Strange.

That’s definitely the last time I try moving one of these beasts. When the big one dies i’m not keen on keeping the offsets. Just the seed it produces. As for the ‘little’ one, it’s staying in the pot. The most I can do for it is drag it into the shed over winter. There’s a skylight in it. It probably won’t survive, but that’s the way it’s going now.

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