It’s a good year for these plants, with a series of pleasant surprises. First to flower was Cautleya spicata, with which this is my first year.

The next surprise was that of the hedychiums, H. gardnerianum was first to flower. The scent was delicious.

It hadn’t flowered outdoors for me before. Whatever I did in spring to encourage it to grow and then harden it off must have worked. Up until now, i’ve found hedychiums to sulk when their growing conditions are changed. The same goes for H. coccineum, the next to flower. It was a particular delight to see moths feeding on the blooms at night. This plant was bought as H. coronarium, which it obviously isn’t. I had to figure out what it was myself.

Then there was dependable old H. forrestii.

Still forming up to flower is H. ellipticum, which will be a first for me. That just leaves H. coronarium, which still evades me. I want to sample the scent of that so badly!

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