Front Garden Views

Early morning after a few hours of fine drizzle, the place was sopping wet through, a mist stuck to everything.

Yucca recurvifolia is pushing out a bloom spike for the first time. About time too, it’s been a decade
Gleditsia caspica developing branched thorns. That’s why I bought it. For the branched thorns.
Hardy terrestrial bromeliad Fascicularia bicolor is flaring up.
Arundo donax ‘Versicolor’ shouting and screaming in-between the gleditsia and Echium pininana. The echium is in its second year without flowers. Normally it’s a biennial but with the Stockport climate it tends to be a triennial.
Mixed fortunes in the rest of the middle bed. The dawn redwood has escaped the clutches of Passiflora caerulea, so is now growing up again instead of sideways. Astelia chathamica has got chlorosis AGAIN. Buds formed on the brugs but dropped off shortly afterwards. Oh and the hostas are shot to s*** by snails. Sigh.
Tetrapanax gone wild as per usual. Nice.

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