A busy summer’s end

Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks here. First of all, there’s been a final round of warm, dry weather. Sunday and Monday temperatures were 24-25c and there’s no rain forecast for the best part of another week yet.

The dome went up over the big berm containing the Agave ovatifolia, only to have to leave the vents and door wide open to stop it turning into a plant oven. Until then the weather had been a weeks-long procession of maybe 17c temperatures and regular rainfall, such as back on the 8th when I took a few pictures.

I had a customer visit the other day. “Is that an albizia on the right?” Course, I only remembered Paraserienthes lophantha once they were gone. It’s a mouthful though, don’t you think?
Lookin’ superfine though. Hardiness is dodgy. Kevin, from who I bought it, visited the other week. I said it was too big to fit in the portable plant shelter. “Just shove it in there” hmmm not sure. Magnolia delavayi has bagsied it but I might yet intervene to change that.
Still on the desert side of things, Acacia retinodes has been a joy so far. You know how people often use Verbena bonariensis as a see-thru plant? Well this acacia does that job for me. So lacy, it barely moves on the wind. Plus it’s started flowering in the week since I took this picture.
Time for your close-up.

Nice contrast on the other side of the back garden. . .

A zap of acid green from Pterostyrax hispida by contrast with the black phormium. That’s Hedychium coccineum in flower at the edge of screen. Still no flowers on the bananas. Must be something missing from the soil. They’re certainly big enough to bloom by now.

I’ve started to take apart the bed in front so as to divide the other gingers, bamboo iris and so forth. My thinking is that by dividing and repotting while there’s still some warmth around, I can take a short cut to having more plants for sale earlier than usual next year. My business plans are hotting up, you see.

Website building is one of the main tasks. The site i’m using for it has multitudinous site templates to modify. There’s one specifically for a plant nursery. I expected it to look vaguely familiar and yep, it looks like a few people whose websites i’ve browsed in the past have taken their cues from it.

I’m self-conscious when it comes to putting across my approach to gardening. Maybe too self-conscious. Avoidance of hoary clichés seems fair game to me, but nor to i want to end up tying myself in knots chasing the ineffable mystery and variegated wonder of the natural world. Finding a balance that feels fresh is quite the challenge.

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