A journal recording my garden, which is currently in North-West England, but trying to escape. It is a bit of a rebel.

There will be subterranean goings-on, grandiloquent muck-raking, bathetic scheming, curious gardening and a curious gardener.

Why The Chthonian Life? Plants are a whole world of surprises out there waiting to be uncovered, some nice and some not so nice; life is like that. Also, when I started I thought of it as the opposite of TV series The Good Life. I don’t grow many “veggies”!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! You’re my new garden BFF 🙂 I ALSO had an LJ and currently love HP Lovecraft and have a themed garden. (But I’m doing a crappy job maintaining the theme–my datura died, and I just tore out my artemisia absinthium–but I still have asphodel!) RAS

    1. The Goth Garden! It had to be done. You’ve given me one idea already: asphodel would look good in my raised beds. Have you read “Black Magic and Purple Passion” by Karen Platt?

      1. Oooh! Black plants! No–I hadn’t read it, but now I’m wondering why they don’t have a Kindle edition? Asphodel, being a bulb, is good just for a short time each year, so I don’t know if I would give them precious space in the raised bed (although they are lovely). I grew mine from seed and it took them 3 years to bloom. I’m thinking of some new black phormiums for the soon-to-be-improved garden bed in the goth garden. Not deadly…sigh…and not even really black, but still black-ish. Or maybe a few black dyckias like ‘Cherry Coke’. Or maybe a castor bean plant (but those kind of freak me out). Although our weather is mild, January and February are not planting months in Los Angeles, so there’s plenty of time to muse.

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