Mutant pineapple goes wild

Yesterday I spent several hours digging up the smaller of the two Puya berteroniana from its planting place in the ground in the big greenhouse. Never again! Those hooks broke off in my scalp, fingers, ear and leg too, despite butchering the leaves so I could get around it Ending up with a mutant pineappleContinue reading “Mutant pineapple goes wild”

Papaver somniferum fandom

Uh-oh. It looks like this blog has become an unwitting exercise in ethnobotany. Someone’s been coming into the front garden with some sort of bladed weapon and harvesting the drugs. Good job the general populus hasn’t twigged about the Echinopsis bridgesii, Leonotis leonorus and Brugmansia x candida ‘Maya’. Or that i’ve ordered a bunch ofContinue reading “Papaver somniferum fandom”

Trip out, toe damage and tree surgeons

On Friday, I was expecting a skip to be dropped off. It arrived but was clearly too small, so they agreed to come back with a larger one today. Which was great, because I couldn’t help but notice that some tree surgeons were mincing a very large conifer just around the corner from me andContinue reading “Trip out, toe damage and tree surgeons”